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Player Stats
Player: [ profile] gyhldeptis
Timezone: EST (GMT-5)

Character Stats
Fandom: Emerald Sword Saga/Dark Secret Saga
Canon Point: The end of the Dark Secret
Age: looks 33
Height: 6'
Eye color / Hair color: Dark brown / Dark brown, longish
Sexuality / Status: Bisexual / Single
PB: Michael Easton
Voice actor: Stash Kirkbride

The half-demon son of Vankar has traveled through the caves of Dar-Kunor, found Erian's lost book, and learned the truth on the missing pages. Despite his protestations that a half-demon could not be the Chosen One of gods and angels, he accepted his fate. His death would be only a physical thing. His soul and Erian's spirit merged into one thing, and a god of cosmic light breathed on Earth again.

Disclaimer: Dargor is the property of Rhapsody of Fire; Michael Easton owns himself.

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I am Erian’s reincarnation and the chosen one to walk through the gate of the ancient world in order to challenge Nekron’s hellish soul and the evil energy that generated him.

-- Rhapsody of Fire, From Chaos to Eternity

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